Political reaction to Dalton McGuinty's resignation

The Twitterverse responds to the premier's announcement

Political reaction to Dalton McGuinty’s resignation

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After Dalton McGuinty’s surprise announcement Monday evening, Twitter went into overdrive spreading word of the news. From politicians to journalists to students, many went to social media to chat about the end of the McGuinty era.
Mr McGuinty is a friend, a good man and a fine leader. He’s been a great Premier and a man of enormous decency and integrity. I salute himBob Rae
.@Dalton_McGuinty deserves our admiration and respect for his contribution to helping build Ontario and Canada. Clark
Dalton McGuinty resigns and twitter is over capacity #bigdeal #legend #daltonmcguinty #ThankYouPremierCaroline Jacobson
@OntLiberal @Dalton_McGuinty Will never forget the Dec. 2009 announcement 4 record #LRT funding 4 #OttCity. Historic day. Proud of my MPP.Maria McRae
MPP Michael Gravelle calls outgoing Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty perhaps the greatest premier the province has ever had. #tbay #cdnpoliLeith Dunick
I want to thank Premier @Dalton_McGuinty for his 22 years of service as MPP for Ottawa South and nine years as Premier.Jim Watson
#Mcguinty says he still has "fire in his belly" it’s just time to renew his liberal party.Cynthia Mulligan
McGuinty says his decision isn’t to quit politics but take a break #onpoli…intriguingAshley Csanady
.@Dalton_McGuinty has announced he will step down as Premier & Leader of #OLP. Thank you for 16 years of strong leadership, Premier. #onpoliOntarioLiberal Party
Thanks to Premier McGuinty, our kids will enjoy full-day kindergarten, anti-bullying legislation, a protected Greenbelt & new transit lines.Josh Matlow
Congratulations to Dalton McGuinty on a great 17 year run. Schools are better, wait times shorter and economy stronger due to you. #mcguintyAndrew Steele
People always say nice things about politicians. But I can honestly say, Dalton McGuinty is an entirely decent, admirable human being.John Ivison
Though I rarely agreed with his policies, I always admired McGuinty’s political shrewdness & clever calculative approach to gov’t. #ontpoliMike Chopowick
But not everyone was necessarily happy with McGuinty’s time at the helm. Some even questioned his timing in stepping down.
Good for Dalton Mcguinty on 22 years of public service. Bad on Dalton Mcguinty for closing the Legislature down.John Tory
Watching CP24, #1 news is whether McGuinty will run federally. Not his crapping on 2nd largest government in the country. So pathetic.Chris Selley
Whatever you might think of Dalton McGuinty, resignation means serious issues & decisions are now on the back burner. Not good. #ONTpoliMike Ridley
And when McGuinty did not outright deny the question of whether he would run for the Liberal Party’s federal leadership, talk of him making a run for higher politics circled.
McGuinty to run for federal leadership? Deadline to decide is one month away. Allow me to start the speculation! #cdnpoli @CTVNewsKevin Newman
McGuinty says he’s "not making any plans whatsoever" beyond duties at QP. Not ruling out federal run, but I just can’t see it. #OnPoliCarly Conway
50% of journalists in my feed engaged in McGuinty leadership speculation, 50% complaining about speculation. You guys should get a coffee.James Cowan