Poll projects 100 seats for NDP

Layton’s party is quickly outpacing the Liberals

According to a new EKOS poll conducted from April 22 to April 24, Jack Layton’s NDP could win 100 seats on May 2, putting it in second place behind the Conservatives, The Globe and Mail reports. The poll put the Conservatives at 33.7 per cent support nationally among decided and leaning voters, and the NDP at 28 per cent, while the Liberals trailed at 23.7 per cent. If those numbers pan out on Election Day, Layton could have a working majority in the House of Commons with the support of the third-place Liberals. It will be the Liberals’ worst showing ever and the best result by far for the NDP. The poll of 2,783 voters is accurate within 1.8 percentage points.

The Globe and Mail

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