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Pope canonization setback

Nun cured by John Paul II is sick again


The French nun who was supposedly cured of Parkinson’s disease by Pope John Paul II, leading to hopes that the pontiff’s canonization would be fast-tracked, has once again fallen ill. Sister Marie Simon-Pierre prayed to the deceased Pope three years ago while she was in constant pain and unable to move her left side or write legibly. She woke up the next morning without any symptoms, and returned to work, believing the pontiff had cured her from beyond the grave. However, a Polish newspaper has published a report saying that a doctor who examined her case believed Simon-Pierre didn’t have Parkinson’s at all, but a similar disease that could suddenly go into remission, a claim strengthened by the return of her illness. The Vatican has made no comment on the situation, saying it is still looking into John Paul II’s case and that a panel of doctors examining the miracle surrounding the nun aren’t meeting again until April.

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