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Pope hires Fox reporter to advise on media


When it comes to the spin wars, having God on your side is not enough. The Associated Press is reporting that the Vatican has hired a journalist from Fox News to help with its communications strategy.

“I’m a bit nervous but very excited,” Greg Burke told the news agency. “Let’s just say it’s a challenge.”

The journalist, a member of Opus Dei, said he’d been approached by the Vatican twice before. “I’m an old-fashioned Midwestern Catholic whose mother went to Mass every day,” Burke said. “Am I being hired because I’m in Opus Dei?” he asked. “It might come into play.”

The hire is a bid to reverse a steady stream of blunders, miscommunications and negative headlines.

Here’s how Burke defined his role: “You’re shaping the message, you’re moulding the message, and you’re trying to make sure everyone remains on-message. And that’s tough.”


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