Predicting the economic collapse was the easy part

But can Nouriel "Doctor Doom" Roubini foresee the recovery

Is Nouriel “Doctor Doom” Roubini a one-hit wonder? Having called the global financial collapse when most economists were dancing in the streets, the New York University professor has marketed himself to become the most recognized face of the crisis. His dire predictions are a staple on the business networks, and when he travels the world to spread his gospel of economic apocalypse, he’s greeted like a rock star. Back in his hometown New York, he’s even parlayed his fame to become something of a playboy on the dinner party circuit. But as Portfolio magazine notes, Roubini has been predicting a recession for more than a decade. Eventually he was bound to be proven right. Now that everyone knows we’re in a deep and difficult recession, the real test of Roubini’s prowess as a forecaster will be whether he can spot the recovery before it comes.

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