Prince Charles, the foodie -

Prince Charles, the foodie


His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, also known as Prince Charles, might not be highly regarded by most people. But he does have one group of devout followers: farmers and food activists advocating for a more sustainable food production worldwide. Last May, Prince Charles was in Washington D.C. speaking at The Future of Food conference, where he reportedly dazzled the audience with a passionate speech about sustainable farming. The speech has now been turned into a book: The Prince’s Speech: On the Future of Food, published by Rodale, and now available online and in specialty book stores.

Marion Nestle, one of the most influential food activists in the United States, author of Food Politics and the blog by the same name, writes about the Prince’s book and recalls her impression of the original speech: “I…was impressed at the time by his broad overview and understanding of the problems inherent in industrial food and the implications of those problems. He described himself as a farmer, which was not exactly how I had imagined him. It’s impressive that someone of his stature cares about these issues and is willing to go on record promoting a healthier food system.”



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