Progressive Conservatives want "right-to-work" in Ontario

TORONTO – The Progressive Conservatives want to make Ontario a so-called “right-to-work” province to help attract business investment and jobs.

The Conservatives call it “forced unionism,” and say they want to give people the right to decide whether or not to join the union at their workplace and pay dues.

Deputy PC Leader Christine Elliott says right-to-work legislation would give companies the flexibility they need to adapt to changing conditions in the global economy.

The Tories say U.S. states that adopted right-to-work laws create more jobs and workers get higher raises, but Elliott struggled when asked if she could point to one such jurisdiction where wages actually went up.

The New Democrats say right-to-work laws squeeze more people out of the middle class and would not help Ontario’s economy because no one will have any money to spend.

After Michigan became the 24th U.S. state to pass a right-to-work law Monday, President Barrack Obama said it was really about “the right to work for less money.”

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