Psychic intervention

In these tough times, crystal balls are in high demand

As markets melt and job losses mount, one trade is booming: psychics. Hoping to ease their fragile minds, a growing number of people—investors especially—are paying a fortune to have their fortunes read. “Business, I almost want to apologize, is excellent,” says one New York-based psychic. She’s charging US$350 just to touch a person’s “business documents” and see what comes to mind. Corporations? They’re paying a flat-rate of US$10,000 for her services. “I don’t think you should be so surprised,” said Gita Johar, who teaches consumer behavior at Columbia University. “Superstitions might seem absurd to us, but it’s just one more way of feeling like you’re able to control your destiny.” Or at least find out if you’re still going to have a job next week.

CBS News

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