Publisher signs deal for Archie comics

Book deal to include first-ever sequential reprints of the '40s strip

IDW Publishing, which specializes in graphic novels and comics, has signed a deal with Archie Comics to publish the adventures of America’s typical teenager (and that weird cross-hatched drawing on the side of his head) in book form. The publisher will bring out the first-ever sequential reprints of the popular ’40s Archie newspaper comic strip, drawn and written by Archie’s creator Bob Montana. IDW will also release “best-of” books highlighting the work of Archie’s best artists, including Montana and Dan DeCarlo. Since all of Archie’s own re-prints are re-written and sometimes re-drawn to remove topical references, or even references to artists who sued them, these books will be the first opportunity in a while to see these stories as they originally appeared. We recommend the story where Archie accidentally makes two dates for the same dance. Remember that one?

Major Spoilers