Qantas found oil leaks in A380 engines -

Qantas found oil leaks in A380 engines

Leaks may have caused engine failure


Australia’s national airline, Qantas, says its found oil leaks in three Rolls-Royce engines among its fleet of grounded A380 super-jumbo jets. The leaks are “beyond normal tolerances,” the carrier’s CEO said on Monday. Qantas grounded its fleet of A380s last week after an engine burst into flames en route from Singapore to Sydney. The plane was able to safely land in Indonesia. All of the airline’s A380s will continue to be grounded for at least 72 hours. Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines both fly the same plane with the same engines. As of Monday, both airlines were still using their A380s. Other airlines fly A380s fitted with different engines. Rolls-Royce has said it’s still too early to draw any conclusions.

The Telegraph

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