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Quaid claims refugee status, says he’s not crazy

Admissibility hearing slated for November 8


Veteran Hollywood actor Randy Quaid, 60, told the Immigration and Refugee Board in Vancouver today that he and his wife are fleeing the U.S. because of a “a monstorous ring of accountants, estate planners
and lawyers.” Quaid told the court they are “are mercilessly slandering me and trying to kill my career and, I believe, murder me in order to gain control of my royalties.” Quaid became emotional in front of television cameras outside the hearing and said that eight of his friends have “suddenly and mysteriously” been killed, by what he calls “star whackers.” The list of killed celebrity friends includes Heath Ledger and Chris Penn. “We are not criminals, nor are we fugitives from justice, nor are we crazy,” he said. Quaid will find out on Nov. 8 whether he will be allowed to stay in Canada. His wife, Evi Quaid, will be allowed to apply for citizenship, because her father was Canadian. The couple was arrested in Vancouver on U.S. warrants on Oct. 21.

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