Quebec election looms, but no date yet

Quebec seems headed for an election. Retiring cabinet ministers are making their exit and Premier Jean Charest has returned from vacation looking ready to rumble. But the date is up in the air.

“Elections, we’ve had elections on all kinds of dates,” Charest said on Monday, according to the Globe and Mail. Charest has won the past three provincial elections in 2003, 2007 and 2008. “Whatever the date of the election, Quebeckers will be able to handle it, and make their choice,” he added.

Recent polls showed the governing Liberals at about even support with the Parti Québécois. With an inquiry into corruption in the construction industry set to re-commence its hearings in mid-September, Charest seems eager to get out of the starting blocks.

Half a dozen Ministers have stepped down in anticipation of the election, including the Education minister, Michelle Courchesne, who has been handling negotiations with student protesters. The protestors have quieted down recently, but have promised to hound the Liberals during any election.