Quebec student strike leaders begin Ontario roadshow

The leaders of Quebec’s student strike began a 9-day tour of Ontario in an effort the share their methods and their message. The controversial young leader and hearthrob Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois launched the tour with a speech in Ottawa yesterday.

Sarah Jayne King, the chairwoman of the Canadian Federation of Students for Ontario (CFSO), thinks Ontario students have a thing or two to learn from the experience of their Quebec peers.

“The tour comes, I think, at an important time for Ontario students where we have a host of challenges ahead of us,” she said in Ottawa. “We have seen tuition fees increase drastically since 2006.” Ontario has the highest post-secondary fees in Canada, with the average student shelling out $6,640 in tuition every year.

The tour will also stop in Kingston, Hamilton, Windsor, Niagara, London, Guelph, Toronto and Peterborough.