Quebec students clash with police -

Quebec students clash with police


Student were back on the streets of Montreal last night, the National Post reported. Thousands of demonstrators kicked off the provincial election campaign with a march in protest aimed at the Charest Liberals.

The protest began peacefully, with students banging on their trademark pots and pans, but ended in a number of injuries and 15 arrests. The mood took a turn after a small group overturned a dumpster to block a road, and some people threw bottles at riot police. One protestor sustained non-life threatening injuries after a car hit him and sped away.

The protest was organized in order to encourage youth turnout in the election. While leaders continue to insist that the student protests are non-partisan, they are in strong opposition to the policies of the Charest government.

The premier commented that while students have a right to protest and make noise, the “silent majority” would win out on election day.

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