Quebeckers wary of Montreal’s Champlain Bridge -

Quebeckers wary of Montreal’s Champlain Bridge

Safety concerns fueled by government reluctance to release report


Quebeckers living in the Montreal area are growing increasingly concerned over the safety of the Champlain Bridge. Their disquiet was fueled by the federal government’s initial reluctance to release the results of a study into the costs of repairing the crumbling bridge, which is used by 60 million people each year. Before agreeing to release it Wednesday, Quebec Transport Minister Denis Lebel said it could cause “turmoil” among the public, who would misinterpret the complexity of the issue. Premier Jean Charest had spoken along similar terms, which raised questions among the public. In March, a report was issued stating that the bridge was severely deteriorating, and that “it could be expected to collapse partially or altogether in a significant seismic event.” Wednesday’s report pegged the cost of replacing the bridge at more than $1 billion.

The Globe and Mail


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