Queen Elizabeth II arrives in Toronto

She came, she prayed, she went to the races

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived in Toronto late Saturday after their flight from Winnipeg was delayed. First on their agenda on Sunday morning was a church service at St. James Cathedral in downtown Toronto. While attendance at St. James is generally low, today, demand was so great that tickets had to be sold for the event. “For many, it seems,” writes the Toronto Star’s Christopher Hume, “God is an Englishwoman.” In the afternoon, she will attend the 151st edition of The Queen’s Plate at Woodbine racetrack. On Monday, the Queen will visit the Research in Motion facility in Waterloo, and then return to Toronto for other events including a dinner hosted by the federal government. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is scheduled to speak, as is the Queen. She and the Duke of Edinburgh conclude their visit on Tuesday.

Toronto Star

Globe and Mail