Question from orbit: Where is spring? -

Question from orbit: Where is spring?


Question from orbit: Where is spring?

The latest photos from @Cmdr_Hadfield — ‘still very snowy in early spring’

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Belle Isle, Newfoundland – natural icebreaker at the mouth of the Strait. Hadfield
Looking across Nova Scotia, how many places do you recognize? The birthplace of hockey, for one! Hadfield
Moose Jaw, SK, and the airport where I truly learned how to fly. Home of the renowned RCAF Snowbirds aerobatic team. Hadfield
Baddeck, Cape Breton, where Alexander Graham Bell first flew a powered aircraft in Canada in 1909, from the ice. Hadfield
Winnipeg, Manitoba, incredibly clear. The river floodway diversion looks smart from space. Hadfield
Tonight’s Finale: Ottawa, the capital of Canada, still very snowy in early Spring. Hadfield

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