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RCMP officers charged during B.C. murder investigation

One cop allegedly had relationship with potential witness


Four RCMP officers have received charges, including breach of trust and obstruction of justice, related to their conduct during an investigation of the 2007 gangland slayings that left six dead in Surrey, B.C. One of the officers, Sgt. Derek Brassington, allegedly had a relationship with a woman accused of playing a role in the killings. The woman is a potential witness in the future trials related to the killings. She also reportedly had relationships with Dennis Karbovanec, who already pled guilty in the slayings, and Jamie Bacon, who is charged with playing a role but is yet to stand trial. Other officers facing a total of 20 charges are Staff Sgt. David Attew, Cpl. Paul Johnston and Cpl. Danny Michaud. RCMP Chief Supt. Janice Armstrong said the officers had abused public’s trust of police, and that she was deeply disappointed. All four officers have been suspended without pay.


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