RCMP watchdog tears a strip off Mounties

Report on Dziekanski death uncovers mistakes at virtually every turn

Judging by Paul Kennedy’s findings, it’s hard to see how the RCMP officers who Tasered Robert Dziekanski could have reacted any worse. In his report on the death of Dziekanski, Kennedy notes the officers failed to make any efforts to de-escalate the volatile situation; their use of a stun gun was “premature and inappropriate”; they failed to properly monitor Dziekanski’s condition after he was subdued; and their accounts of the incident were not credible. The chairman of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, whose 208-page report was released Tuesday, also suggested the police force had botched a subsequent investigation into the matter. RCMP Commissioner William Elliott won’t comment on the report until the results of the Braidwood inquiry are in, but he insists the force has already put in place measures to address “a number of issues, concerns and shortcomings,” such as changing policies and training related to the Taser.

Vancouver Sun

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