Reacting to Newtown: Politics on TV, Dec. 14 edition

Speaking with Ambassador Jacobson and Jason Kenney about the shooting tragedy in Newtown, CT

Message of the day

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Newtown.”

Hot Topics

  1. Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut

Questions not answered

  • Will this incident actually spark change in American gun laws?

The Connecticut school shooting:

Power & Politics first spoke with CBC’s Susan Bonner, who recounted the scene in Washington DC and President Barack Obama’s reaction to the shooting, before Hannah Thibedeau spoke with US Ambassador David Jacobson. Jacobson said that there are no easy answers to tackling gun crime in the States, but something needs to be done about these kinds of tragedies.

Immigration minister Jason Kenney told Thibedeau that he has two nephews who went to school some twenty minutes away from Newtown, and while they have since moved away, he has been through the area on numerous occasions. Kenney said that he believes in the need for tough gun control such as exists in Canada, and that they are continually working on the issue of gun smuggling into Canada.

On P&P’s Power Panel, Rob Russo said that any action that Obama takes on gun control would be extraordinary given the history of such debates in the States, but that now is the right time to have the discussion. Martin Patriquin said that it’s impossible to have a rational discussion on gun control in the States, especially when there is a group of people in the country who revere weapons like these. Jennifer Ditchburn said that it’s not a situation of stasis, but rather a move in the opposite direction with an increasing number of “stand your ground” laws being passed, and laws around assault weapons being allowed to lapse.

Worth Noting:

  • Ambassador David Jacobson said that the “Beyond the Border” initiative will hopefully mean shorter wait times and enhanced security, and that it will be a smarter approach to security checks with cargo and passengers because screenings have been harmonized.

Due to ongoing coverage of the Connecticut shooting, there was no Power Play today.

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