Rebels face setbacks in Libya

Pro-Gadhafi forces push rebels out of Ras Lanuf

Rebel forces in Libya have been routed from the port city of Ras Lanuf, the site of a key oil installation, and are fleeing eastward back towards the rebel stronghold of Benghazi. Pro-Gadhafi forces struck an oil installation, and there were reports of bombings around civilian areas and a hospital. Gunboats along the coast have begun attacking Ras Lanuf and Brega, while ground forces and aerial assaults are attacking rebel installations from the West. There is fear that pro-Gadhafi forces could make major gains in the coming days, as the rebels are inexperienced and are vulnerable to air attacks. Meanwhile, three BBC journalists were captured and tortured after being arrested by security forces at a checkpoint near Az Zawiyah. They subjected to mock executions and repeated assaults until being released 21 hours later.

Al Jazeera English

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