Renewed ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan

Thousands flee the former Soviet country as death toll rises

Kyrgyzstan is facing the deadliest ethnic violence in decades as city blocks are burned and over one hundred people are reported dead, along with 1,500 injured, according to the Globe and Mail. The violence has been flaring for three days between Kyrgyz and ethnic Uzbeks. Thousands of Uzbeks have been forced to flee the country, waiting at the border of of Uzbekistan for entry. The AFP reports that up to 100,000 people have already entered Uzbekistan, and now the PM of the country said the border will be closed. The interim government, which took power following the April ousting of Prime Minister Kurmanbek Bakiyev, has been unable to stop the violence and accused Mr. Bakiyev’s family of instigating it. Uzbeks have backed the interim government, while many Kyrgyz in the south have supported the ousted president.


Globe and Mail