Rob Ford roundup: The mayor will arm wrestle Hulk Hogan at Fan Expo

Who will win in the matchup?

Really, the headline says it all, but to repeat: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will arm wrestle Hulk Hogan Friday morning at Fan Expo Canada.

The confirmation came from Ford’s press secretary:

The Ford-Hogan match up comes before Hulk Hogan’s Friday evening appearance at HULK HOGAN UNCENSORED, where all caps are mandatory.

David Hasselhoff will also be in Toronto for Fan Expo, making appearances on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. No word on whether the mayor plans to face off against that beefcake, too.

In actual City of Toronto business, Ford hosted a town hall meeting in Ward 3 Wednesday evening, where he asked constituents if they wanted a byelection or an appointment to fill the vacant seat now that Ford-ally and former deputy mayor Doug Holyday has moved on to provincial politics. Ford is pushing for a byelection, but other councillors want to appoint someone in the interim, since a byelection would cost at least $225,000 and there is a general election scheduled for October 2014 already.

Since Holyday officially stepped down, Ford appointed Coun. Norm Kelly as deputy mayor on Monday. Kelly, 72, has served on council since 2000.