Robbins-Sarandon split takes toll on American left

Daily Beast editor calls breakup a blow to "America's embattled liberal purists"

The breakup of Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon was more than just another celebrity falling-out, argues Daily Beast editor Lloyd Grove. It is, rather, a blow to “America’s embattled liberal purists,” who have already been disappointed by President Obama’s non-liberal tendencies. Robbins and Sarandon were the perfect celebrity couple from the point of view of the left. They were both politically active and proudly left-wing. They were together in a long-term relationship, but they never got married, viewing that contract as outmoded. And she was older than he was, breaking down the boundaries of Hollywood ageism long before Ashton and Demi. Now that they’re apart, left-wingers have no perfect couple to look up to. Though Grove points out that Robbins may not have been as perfect a liberal as he seemed: some of his political donations (publicly available) went to conservative Republicans, including perhaps the most right-wing figure in Congress, Michele Bachmann.

Daily Beast

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