Robocalls is too big an operation for just one 'Poutine' loving man -

Robocalls is too big an operation for just one ‘Poutine’ loving man


It seems another chapter is about to unfold in the ongoing Robocall saga. On Thursday, it was the National Post’s Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher’s turn, as they speculated that the calls may have been set up by a larger group of people. Their report says they have spoken to a source “close to the robocalls probe” who said Sona learned of his involvement from Sun TV, and confirmed that Sona could not have acted alone to set up the complicated scam, currently under the authorship of a mysterious “Pierre Poutine.”

The report comes the day after the Globe and Mail’s Steven Chase and Daniel Leblanc reported that Elections Canada is now combing through emails and database records of the Conservative Party. Earlier this week on Tuesday, the 23-year-old former Conservative party staffer, Michael Sona, finally poked his head above the water in a brief statement to CTV where he said to have had “no involvement in the fraudulent calls.” Sona had been keeping a low profile since resigning from his job amid accusations that he had orchestrated a scam to divert voters from polling stations during the 2011 election in the riding of Guelph, while working as campaign staff for Conservative candidate Marty Burke.


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