Ruby Dhalla is losing the PR war

Poll finds Canadians "three times more likely" to believe nannies over MP

Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla, who can now officially be described as “embattled”, is losing the public relations war, according to an Angus Reid poll commissioned by the Toronto Star: Just 8 per cent of respondents believe Dhalla’s version of events, compared with the 29 per cent who side with the caregivers who have accused the MP and her family of forcing them to perform “non-nanny jobs” and withholding their’ passports. Amongst Liberals, support for Dhalla is a bit higher — 19 per cent — although 22 per cent back the workers. The survey also found that 34 per cent of Canadians – and 39 per cent of Ontario residents – “now have a worse opinion of Dhalla”, although it’s not clear how many had any opinion about her at all in the first place.

Toronto Star

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