Rwandan ex-paramilitary officers convicted of genocide

UN tribunal finds men guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity

The UN’s International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda has convicted four ex-Rwandan army officers for their roles in the country’s 1994 genocide. The heaviest sentence was handed out to former army chief Augustin Bizimungu – a man who referred to the country’s ethnic Tutsi people as cockroaches. He faces 30 years in prison. Ex-Rwandan paramilitary chief Augustin Ndindiliyimana was also convicted, but was released after sentencing because he has already spent 11 years in jail. Two other senior generals were given 20-year prison sentences after being found guilty of crimes against humanity. The UN tribunal was set up in neighbouring Tanzania to try those behind the genocide of 800,000 people – mostly Tutsis and moderate Hutus – who were killed during Rwanda’s 100 days of violence.

BBC News