Same old thing, day in, day out

Two thirds of British women completely bored with their lives

A survey of British women found most are fed up with the predictable routine of their lives and frustrated with constant work pressures and lack of a social life. Not enough holiday time and having to do housework on top of their jobs were high on the list of reasons for women’s boredom, along with never changing the way they looked and never having enough money. When asked what would improve things, nine of ten answered “a little spontaneity.” More than one-third liked the idea of packing their bags and emigrating to another country, while 31 per cent fantasized about telling people what they really thought of them. A quarter of women would like to walk into work and hand in their notice and the same percentage wished they could radically change their hairstyle. And what’s stopping them? Some 34 per cent of women don’t have the confidence to make the necessary changes to their life to make them happy, while 29 per cent claim not to have the time.