Sarkozy calls journalists 'pedophiles' -

Sarkozy calls journalists ‘pedophiles’

French President offers apparent lesson in unfounded accusations


“See you tomorrow, pedophile friends!” was French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s reported farewell to reporters at the NATO conference in Lisbon, reports Radio France Internationale. Sarkozy was expressing his anger at journalists during a 10-minute briefing that his aides say was supposed to be off the record. He accused the media of reporting on allegations of bribery without any proof, despite the fact that a former defense minister is behind the allegations that during the 1995 presidential campaign of Eduoard Balladur, Sarkozy arranged for kickbacks from submarine sales to Pakistan. “Not a single one of you believes that I organized kickbacks for submarines in Pakistan. It’s incredible and it gets on television,” Sarkozy told reporters, before turning to one journalist and announcing, “You, I’ve got nothing against you. Apparently, you’re a pedophile… Can you explain yourself?” The Elysée denies the comments were made.

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