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B.C. Premier Christy Clark urged to resign over scandal


SURREY, B.C. – Some members of B.C.’s governing Liberal party are publicly calling for Premier Christy Clark to resign over a scandal involving the wooing of ethnic voters.

The party members describe themselves as “especially with ethnic background” of Indo- and South Asian descent.

They say they agreed over a Sunday breakfast meeting in Surrey to call for Clark to step down.

Their call comes hours ahead of an emergency cabinet meet she’s called today to address the scandal.

In a news release the party members say that 89 members passed a one-line declaration because Clark has made “the ethnic vote a joke” in the province.

Clark issued a letter of apology last Thursday after a plan was leaked that urged the Liberals to co-ordinate resources to focus on winning over ethnic voters.

Some Liberal caucus members had openly criticized Clark over the proposed strategy and on Friday she accepted the resignation of her deputy chief of staff, who wrote the document.

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