Senate sets final tab for Sen. Pamela Wallin's disallowed expenses: $139,000

OTTAWA – Sen. Pamela Wallin’s final bill is in — and it’s a whopper.

The embattled Saskatchewan senator and former Conservative caucus member has been ordered to pay back a grand total of $138,970.

Wallin was already on the hook for $121,348 after an independent audit of her travel expenses, which also concluded an additional $21,000 should be reviewed.

The Senate committee that was reviewing those expenses now says Wallin should pay back an extra $17,622.

Wallin has already paid back $38,000, and has promised to repay the rest once ordered to do so by the Senate.

The Senate, meanwhile, has alerted the RCMP to the conclusions of the audit, which dated back to 2009 — and which Wallin herself has described as being “fundamentally flawed and unfair.”