Senator now told to repay $231K in questionable expenses: reports

OTTAWA – Media reports say the amount to be repaid by former Liberal senator Mac Harb over questionable expense claims has jumped to $231,000.

The reports say the new tally comes from David Tkachuk, who announced Tuesday he was stepping down as chairman of the committee that’s been investigating dubious expense claims by Canada’s senators.

Tkachuk has been thrust into the spotlight over the past few months as the Senate expenses scandal has mushroomed.

His committee ordered external audits of housing and living allowance claims by three senators —Harb, Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau — and the travel expenses of Pamela Wallin.

The committee initially pegged Harb’s invalid claims at $51,500 but that covered only a two-year period. Tkachuk said Tuesday the committee had since gone back eight years and determined Harb should reimburse “over $200,000.”

Harb has insisted he broke no rules and vows to fight the matter in court.