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‘Sex and the City 2’ receives scathing reviews

Film called “fascist,” “anti-Muslim” by its early critics


Fans have waited with bated breath for the Sex and the City sequel, which premiered in New York on Monday night, but critics are tearing it apart, the Belfast Telegraph reports in a round-up of reviews. The first online review, from Ed Gonzales of Slant Magazine, awarded it 1.5 stars out of four. On Rotten Tomatoes, he called it a “fascist, superficial assessment of the Sex And The City girls’ intelligence and insults them as the women we came to know them as on television [sic]” Variety’s Brian Lowry said the movie “overstay[ed] its welcome,” while the Hollywood Reporter called it a “two-hour fashion show.” It was also called “anti-Muslim” due to its portrayal of Abu Dhabi. In one scene, the main characters are rescued by Muslim women who strip off their burkas, revealing stylish Western outfits. They are also portrayed singing a karaoke version of “I am woman” in an Abu Dhabi nightclub, which the Hollywood Reporter called a “scathing portrayal of Muslim society.”

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