"Shock, grief, shame and outrage"

Family speaks out over reports broker may have bilked investors out of as much as $100 million

The wife and daughters of Earl Jones have spoken out about the controversy surrounding the Montreal investment broker, expressing “shock, grief, shame and outrage” over reports Jones may have bilked investors out of as much as $100 million. Jones’s wife, Maxine, and daughters, Kimberly and Kristine, released a statement Sunday saying they will “co-operate fully” with the investigation into the alleged Ponzi scheme, with one daughter revealing that even she and her husband have been left “financially exposed” by the scandal. “The Earl Jones who has been revealed in recent days is a man we can scarcely believe exists,” the statement read. Maxine, Kimberly and Kristine also apologized to Jones’s clients and said they hoped Jones, whose whereabouts remain unknown, would “come forward and provide an explanation.”

The Gazette