Shoot them in the head(ge fund) to kill them

Last night I thought I’d come up with the perfect original Halloween costume for 2008: Zombie investment banker. What’s more blood-curdling than the walking Wall Street dead? As I’ve learned from talking to others, this is shaping up to be one of the the hottest costumes for this year’s scaring set.

Here are some tell-tale signs you’re a pin-striped brain eater:

“Scary Halloween character No. 4:

  • You enjoy the smell of blood.
  • You prefer staying indoors to avoid the glare of disclosure.
  • The words “Come out into light” make you quiver with dread.
  • You have the means to travel, and are frequently seen flying.
  • You have a strong predator instinct.
  • If people hang around you too long, they’ll get it in the neck.
  • That’s right: You are a Wall Street investment banker.”

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