Short people at risk for heart disease -

Short people at risk for heart disease

Smaller blood vessels put heart at risk of clogging: study


Men under 5ft 4in, and women under 5 ft, are at increased risk for heart disease, says a new study that found shorter adults were 1.5 times more likely to develop and die from heart disease. The study looked at data on over 3 million people, the BBC reports, and found that shorter people seem to have smaller blood vessels to the heart that can clog more easily. What’s more, factors that can stunt growth, like poor childhood nutrition, could also play a role. Even so, the exact nature of the link is still unclear. But lead researcher Dr. Tuula Paajanen said short people shouldn’t worry. “Height is only one factor that may contribute to heart disease risk, and whereas people have no control over their height, they can control their weight, as well as lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking and exercise. All of these together affect their heart disease risk,” she said.

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