Silvio Berlusconi’s seduction techniques revealed

Allegedly offered women seats in European Parliament

A prostitute who allegedly recorded having sex with Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi claims the politician offered her a seat in European Parliament, reports the Times of London. In an interview published in a French newspaper, Patrizia D’Addario says she met the PM at a party with 20 other female escorts at his house last October during which asked he the women if they’d like to work in television, go into politics or to take part in Big Brother, a show aired by one of his television channels. (The PM was criticized earlier this year for proposing that a string of attractive female candidates with no political experience, including a soap opera actress, run in the June European Parliament elections.) D’Addario said she was paid by a Berlusconi pal for the first sexual encounter she had with the politician; after a second, she says, she wasn’t paid but the PM promised to help her to resolve a problem with a building permit. He failed to follow through.

The Times