So long Chrysler?

Company is said to be looking at “alternative locations” for plants in Brampton and Windsor

Chrysler is already at work preparing a possible shut down of its Canadian operations, reports the Canadian Press. Chrysler president Tom LaSorda said last week the company would leave Canada if it didn’t win substantial labour concessions. That was no idle threat. The company is said to be looking at “alternative locations” for its assembly plants in Brampton and Windsor, where it employs close 10,000 people. The Canadian Auto Workers came to an agreement with General Motors to cut costs (by an estimated $7 an hour) and has said it won’t offer anything more than that to Chrysler. Chrysler, however, says that doesn’t go far enough. It wants to cut wages by more than twice that. If there’s any hope of bridging the gap, it may lie in cuts to workers benefits like paid vacation time and overtime premiums.

Canadian Press

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