Southern cousin of T. rex found

First-ever evidence tyrannosaurs lived in southern hemisphere

Scientists have found the first proof that tyrannosaur dinosaurs roamed in the southern hemisphere, a family of dinosaurs previously only believed to have lived in the Northern continents. A hip bone found in Australia was identified as one belonging to a southern relative of T. rex, Reuters reports, coming from an animal about 3 metres long and weighing 176 pounds—much smaller than T. rex, which was 12 metres long and weighed about 4 tons. The fossil is about 110 million years old, and confirms that tyrannosaurs lived in southern continents. During the age when dinosaurs lived, continents went from one single supercontinent, to something like our present-day arrangement; this tyrannosaur lived during mid-stages of the breakup, when southern continents had split from the north, but not from each other.


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