Spain to consider burqa ban

Could become third country in Europe to ban head-covering veils in public

Following in the footsteps of France and Belgium, Spain could become the third European country to ban women from wearing the burqa in public. Europe’s growing anti-burqa sentiment has already reached Catalonia and Andalusia, where Spain’s Muslim population is concentrated. Not all head-covering veils would be included in the ban because they form part of traditional Spanish dress, with women often covering their heads with a “mantilla” during religious festivals. A debate on the possible ban is scheduled to start on Tuesday in Spain’s Congress. A vote by Spain’s lower house is planned following the debate but may be delayed until after the month-long summer recess, which begins next week. Spain has around 1 million Muslim immigrants among its 47 million population, but the public sightings of the burqa are scarce, the Telegraph reports.