Spotted: Pepto-Bismol pink dolphin in Louisiana lake

The world’s first pink albino Bottlenose is a sight to behold

A pink Bottlenose dolphin, the world’s first, has been sighted in an inland estuary in Louisiana, reports the Telegraph. Charter boat captain Erik Rue, who has photographed the pastel-hued mammal, believes it has taken up residence with its family in the Calcasieu ship channel.  Rue reports that the dolphin, a rare albino, “appears to be healthy and normal other than its coloration, which is quite beautiful and stunningly pink.” Regina Asmutis-Silvia, senior biologist with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, says that she had never seen a dolphin coloured in this way and warned people to leave it alone:  “It is a truly beautiful dolphin but people should be careful, as with any dolphins, to respect it – observe from a distance, limit their time watching, don’t chase or harass it.”