Stanley Cup riot prompts ICBC to file civil claim against 46 people

VANCOUVER – British Columbia’s Crown auto insurer has filed a civil claim against 46 people who have been charged or convicted for taking part in the Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver two years ago.

The Insurance Corp. of B.C. is seeking damages and costs that have so far amounted to more than half a million dollars involving 77 vehicles that were set on fire or otherwise damaged.

The riot occurred on June 15, 2001, when thousands of people gathered downtown to watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins.

The civil claim says that shortly before the Canucks lost the game, a vehicle was overturned and set on fire at an area where the City of Vancouver had set up a giant TV screen.

The claim says at least 122 vehicles, including 24 emergency vehicles, were damaged or destroyed on the night that store windows were smashed and merchandise was looted, costing businesses millions of dollars.

So far, 149 people have entered guilty pleas for participating in the riot and 102 of them have received sentences ranging from discharges to more than a year in jail.