Stelmach on George W. visit

"He's a free man, can travel to any country he wants"

George W. Bush’s speech next month in Calgary, organized by the youthful cloak-and-dagger duo of Calgary-based Christian Darbyshire and Andy McCreath, who very politely answer no questions, is generating mixed feelings even in conservative Alberta. As the Calgary Herald’s Michelle Magnan reports today: “Asked whether he welcomes Bush’s visit to Calgary, Premier Ed Stelmach’s response was curt before leaving a media conference Thursday. ‘He’s a free man, can travel to any country he wants,’ the Premier said.” Magnan also reports that Bush’s appearance, an invitation-only affair that will be the former president’s first public talk since leaving office, will be followed by a question-and-answer session moderated by Frank McKenna, the former premier of New Brunswick and Canada’s one-time Washington envoy.

Calgary Herald