Still waiting on you, Florida ...

Twitter contemplates a stubborn state on a map of red and blue

Still waiting on you, Florida …

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Barack Obama will remain president. Mitt Romney has lost. This we know. 
But what is yet to be determined is which candidate won Florida. 
While Obama had enough electoral votes to be the projected presidential winner late Tuesday night, many were still looking at a map full of blue and red, with one stubbornly yellow state:

The Florida way! We don’t do easy elections!! Warner
Florida was one of the battleground states in the election, but with the presidency wrapped up, many laughed at the fact that by morning, Florida had yet to be decided:
Waking up and realizing Florida still hasn’t figured out who won the state. Never fails. They take forever.Alfredo Flores
Breaking news! Florida has decided since their final paper won’t change the overall grade, they’re just taking the incomplete.David Snell
Really Florida!!! Quintano
Why hasn’t Florida been called yet? #election2012Huffington Post
Some Florida voters stood in line for 7 hours. The state still hasn’t declared a winner. Yo Florida, this isn’t 1928, or 2000. Work it out!Jim Gardner
Dear America, sorry we can’t get our sh*t together on election day. We are filled with old people who love to party. Sincerely, Florida.Meg Cabot
Update: These people are still in line in Florida. Pell
I don’t understand how the entire state of Florida was not even done voting and yet the president had already won the election? #notokayHeart of a Barbie
Tallying 1/3 of Florida’s last uncounted #election ballots in Pinellas Co 9k to go Kamm
Oh for Pete’s sake. Do we *still* not know who won Florida? Is it time to send in the Belorussian election observers?Stephen Gordon
I can’t believe they still don’t know who Flo Rida voted for yet. It’s just one dude.Michael Colton
Looking back at Florida’s voting history, many remembered the famous 2004 vote that narrowly have George W. Bush the White House over Al Gore.
“There may yet be another Florida re-count, but it won’t matter. Bush v. Gore was a once-in-a-lifetime event.” FAIR
I heard that Al Gore just won Florida. They found some boxes of old votes.Jen Kirkman
BREAKING: 2004 Florida results final. George W Bush has won Florida. Florida now counting 2008 results. Stay tuned.Proud Liberal
well look who won the electoral AND popular vote. florida is still being a butt tho. Dankenbring