Surfer Garrett McNamara may have set new record for riding the biggest wave ever

American surfer Garrett McNamara may have set a new world record for riding a 100-foot wave, which would break his old record of riding a measly 78-foot wave.

The feat, which has yet to be proven by Guinness, happened in Nazaré, Portugal. speculates that McNamara could have broken his old record due to an epic still photograph captured by surf photographer Tó Mané.

It was part of the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards and a teaser for the event appears to show McNamara catching the big one:

McNamara was born in Massachusetts, but moved to Hawaii as a boy where he learned to surf, reports The Guardian.

His previous record was originally reported as a 90-foot-wave, which he surfed about an hour north of Lisbon. Guinness, however, confirmed that the wave was only 78 feet.

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