Surprised fans pick up hitchhiking Dave Matthews on their way to his concert

Emily Kraus and her boyfriend were running so late to the Dave Matthews concert in Hershey, Pa., this week, they almost didn’t stop for a hitchhiker thumbing a lift at the side of the road.

Luckily, they did. The wayward traveller turned out to be Matthews himself. The ecofriendly singer was out for a bike ride before the show when he blew a tire, leaving him stranded without a cellphone.

The star-struck pair could barely utter a word, so the stranded singer, who offered them dinner backstage and front-row seats to the show, filled the void with tales of the tour and his daughter’s summer camp schedule.

The next morning, Kraus, a fan since the age of nine, thought she might have dreamt thewhole thing—until she pulled out her tickets, with a note from Matthews:
“Thanks for the ride.”