Syrian conflict spills over into Lebanon and Turkey -

Syrian conflict spills over into Lebanon and Turkey

United Nations ceasefire jeopardized with casualties along the two borders


The Syrian conflict spilled into neighbouring Turkey and Lebanon on Monday. Gunfire originating in Syria hit a refugee camp for Syrian civilians in Turkish territory, wounding at least five people; while along the Syria-Lebanon border, a Lebanese journalist was killed while filming in Lebanese territory.

The shootings happened just hours from a Tuesday ceasefire deadline brokered as part of a UN peace deal accepted by Syria in the hopes of ending a crisis that has killed more than 9,000 people in just over a year, according to UN estimates.

In the wake of the shootings outside of Syria’s borders, fuelling fears that neighbouring countries could be dragged into the Syrian crisis, the UN deal seems to be in jeopardy. Turkey’s foreign minister has reportedly said the April 10 deadline is now void. The deal had already taken a major blow on Sunday when Syria’s opposition rejected an additional government request for the rebels to provide “written guarantees” that they were laying down their weapons in exchange of an army retreat from the cities.

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