Syrian government cracks down on pro-democracy protesters

EU agrees to impose sanctions on Syrian officials

Another ‘day of defiance’ in Syria has brought thousands of protesters into the country’s streets for anti-governments demonstrations. According to a human rights group, at least 16 protesters have been killed in the ensuing crackdown by Syrian authorities. A report by Al Jazeera claims the “sound of continuous gunfire was audible over the phone, as well as people shouting ‘There are snipers on the rooftops’.” The EU agreed Friday to impose sanctions on 14 of the officials involved in the crackdown and the UN has announced Syria is prepared to let the organization into the country to investigate the humanitarian situation there. Human rights groups claim the Assad government has killed at least 560 civilians in its crackdown on the pro-democracy protests that have been taking place for seven weeks.

Al Jazeera English

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