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Taking stock of the future

Women in power, Muslims in the West, and much more


It’s been 40 years since Alvin Toffler published Future Shock, the book that predicted technological advancement so rapid some people would feel cut off from life, and also foreshadowed gay couples raising kids and environmental disasters. To mark the anniversary, the firm Toffler Associates has offered sweeping predictions for the next four decades. The good news includes more women in positions of power, and fewer of both sexes working in cubicles. As for technology, the firm heralds the dawning “Petabyte Age”—named for the 10-to-the-15th-power bytes, or measures of computer files, currently used today only to measure the storage on multiple hard drives or huge collections of data, but which will become the norm before 2050, signaling even faster information gathering and transmission than now.


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