tautology watch: quebec immigrantion

Today’s Post has a discouraging report from Jack Jedwab on the employment status of french-speaking allophones (i.e., immigrants to the province whose only official language is french), compared with allophones who speak english or both official languages. It’s not pretty:

Across Quebec, the unemployment rate for French-hspeaking allophones was 23% compared with 10.6% for those who spoke English. The unemployment rate for allophones who spoke both English and French was slightly lower at 10.2%.

Jedwab is at a loss to explain the disparity — lack of credentials? lack of contacts? discrimination? — but suggests that it might have something to do with the Queb gov’s policy of settling immigrants in the regions, rather than Montreal:

“The regionalization program has by and large been a failure, and maybe this explains why it hasn’t worked,” Mr. Jedwab said in an interview.

Yes, that certainly would explain it.